Collection: StudioRich Spring 2024: Echoes of the Street

The StudioRich Spring 2024 Collection, 'Echoes of the Street,' invites you to immerse yourself in the pulse of New York's vibrant street culture, where every garment tells a story of innovation and rebellion. This collection melds the raw energy of graffiti art with the precision of Wing Chun, and the futuristic edge of Japanese Mecha, all infused with a touch of humor and the spirit of spring's renewal.

Our diverse lineup, featuring unisex windbreakers with iconic Felix prints, lightweight tees with skeletal twists, and accessories that shine with golden urbanity, is crafted for those who walk the line between art and the everyday. With 'Echoes of the Street,' StudioRich doesn't just offer fashion; we offer wearable art that carries the heartbeat of the city in every thread. Welcome to a spring where tradition and trend collide, creating a symphony of street style.