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Vinyl Bite - Retro Throwies Poster

Vinyl Bite - Retro Throwies Poster


Step into the world of classic animation with a twist of street art flair. This 'Vinyl Bite' poster captures the whimsy of retro cartoons fused with the edgy vibrance of 'FK' bubble throwies. Perfect for collectors and enthusiasts alike, this piece brings a slice of subcultural charm to any space.

Crafted on luxe matte paper, this poster transforms any room into an art gallery. Each print promises to infuse your walls with the spirit of underground artistry and the nostalgia of classic cartoons.

Material: Archival, acid-free matte paper
Thickness: 10.3 mil for lasting durability
Weight: 189 g/m² for a premium feel
Opacity: 94% to prevent show-through
Brightness: 104% for stunning print clarity
Origin: Exquisite paper sourced from Japan
Adorn your habitat with 'Vinyl Bite' and let your space resonate with the beat of modern meets classic art.

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