StudioRich A Portrait of Creative Versatility

Meet Mr. Richie, the visionary behind StudioRich, where creative passion meets design excellence. Pictured here, he embodies the artistic spirit that fuels the innovative designs and transformative projects that have defined StudioRich since its inception.

Founded by Mr. Richie in the bustling artistic lanes of Brooklyn, StudioRich stands as a beacon of creative innovation and versatility. Since its inception in 1998, the studio has navigated through the ever-evolving design landscape. It initially made waves with eye-catching music event flyers that earned a spot in the book "Searching for the Perfect Beat" in 2000.

As StudioRich evolved,

it embraced the digital age by specializing in creating distinctive merchandise that combines street culture with cutting-edge graphic design. From custom-designed apparel to unique accessories, each product tells a story and exemplifies Mr. Richie's passion for blending practicality with creativity.

Today, StudioRich is not just about design;

it's about crafting stories through visuals. Mr. Richie blends his deep-rooted passion for street culture with a knack for merging practicality and creativity. The studio consistently focuses on projects that ignite creativity and challenge the norm, ensuring each creation is not only visually striking but also rich in narrative and function. Explore our collections and discover how StudioRich transforms everyday items into works of art.