Unearthing the Ancestral Whiskers: Felix Through the Looking Glass

Unearthing the Ancestral Whiskers: Felix Through the Looking Glass

Greetings to all the cool cats out there! This isn’t just any regular walk down memory lane. Today at StudioRich Shop, we’ve got a little historical gem to share that’ll have you feline good. We all know Felix the Cat, the charming trickster with his magical bag of tricks, but did you know that this iconic character is considered by many to be the first animated movie star? That's right, before Mickey, there was Felix, tapping into our hearts with his silent screen antics.

Felix the Cat - Folded White Tshirt

But here’s the scoop that isn’t just your everyday catnip: Did you know Felix wasn't always the free-spirited, jovial character we adore today? In his earliest appearances, Felix was quite the mischievous figure, reflecting the rebellious spirit that became more sanitized in later years. And here's the rare yarn – during his inception, Felix was a symbol of the edgy, underground culture of the 1920s, often finding himself in surreal, even slightly risqué escapades that mirrored the roaring era’s own contrarian streak.

Now, leap forward to Spring 2024, and we’re still channeling that rebellious flair with our latest StudioRich collection drop. Imagine Felix, but with a twist of modern mischief and a dash of stylish bones. That’s right, our newest piece isn’t just a tee, it’s a statement. A statement that honors the past but is unapologetically now.

Catch the latest wave and grab this limited edition piece from our Spring Collection before it vanishes back into the bag of tricks!

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